Here are just a handful of responses from thousands of customers who have purchased the MELCO Technologies CISS System and range of products.

"The new CISS System from MELCO Technologies is the best product I have ever encountered for my printer. I have saved hundreds of dollars in ink cartridges by simple refilling the affordable system tanks when they become low. Well done MELCO Technologies."
Colin Hastings – Auckland

"An unbelievable product! Very easy to use and the cost savings are enormous. Thanks guys!"
Brian Taylor – Auckland

"I have been a teacher for 20 years and have never seen such an incredible and easy to use product. Extremely reliable and so easy to use. I simply love it! So basic but so efficient!"
Kevin Thomas – Waikato

"I am so impressed from purchasing my CISS for my Canon printer I wish to purchases 3 more please. Great money saver and I enjoy watching it work. Truly amazing piece of technology. Go MELCO!!!"
Suzan Tane - Wanganui

"After purchasing your CISS I write to express my sincere thanks for introducing this wonderful product to New Zealand. I was a bit unsure of it all at first but now – one of the best investments I have ever taken. Wonderful service and aftermarket support. Thank you."
Margie Barrett – Wellington

"I write to share my wonderful experiences with your product CISS. Prints photos great and wasn't to bad to install either. (I am 65 years of age and not really up to date with these things) We didn't have printers like this when I was a lad and what amazing technology we now have. Extremely well done my boy for another New Zealand company producing such a fine product."
Harvey Grain – Christchurch

"Thank you for my CISS ink system. Very happy with printing and quality is excellent. No more ink cartridge for me and lot of print photos now. Will tell all my friends."
Zheng Yee – Invercargill